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Make your online purchases at e-shops securely and promptly using your debit and credit cards.

Shop online at e-shops in Greece and abroad

Rest assured thanks to EMV/3D SECURE requirements

Ensure strong identification while shopping online at e-shops

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Ensure optimum security for your online purchases with 3D secure, provided that the merchant also supports the same security requirements. Before completing your transaction, at the checkout stage, you enter your Password and an additional One-Time Password (OTP) that you receive on your mobile phone.

The SMS enables you to be fully informed about the transaction you are about to complete, including the merchant’s detailsthe amountthe date  and time of the transaction, in order to know exactly which transaction you accept.

All your Optima bank cards, new or re-issued, are automatically included in the service.

Notifications will be received on the mobile phone you have registered with the bank, while you have the option to change the phone number in our branches.

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What is strong authentication

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) aims to further enhance the security of electronic transactions.

To complete your online purchases with strong authentication, you need to have with you the mobile phone you have registered with our bank and remember the password you have set.

Online shopping with strong authentication

Step 1
When completing your online purchase, enter your Optima bank card details.

Step 2
Enter the One-Time Password (OTP) you will receive via SMS on the mobile phone you have registered with the bank.
For your first online purchase after enabling the service, enter the code that the bank has sent to you in the password field.

Step 3
Set the password you prefer to use for this card in your next online purchases.