Innovation meets fund transfers!

Innovation meets fund transfers!

Automatically choosing the fastest way, at the cost of a standard transfer and amounts credited in as little as 10’’!

Simple. Flexible. Contemporary.
Simple. Flexible. Contemporary.

Optima bank. The optimum banking experience.

Exclusively for you

Guided by your interests, at Optima bank we design simple products and flexible services that meet your real needs.



Simple accounts. Flexible procedures.

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Optima Account for Individuals
Optima Time Deposit
Optima e-time deposit


Convenience, security and speed in your daily transactions with the worldwide prestige of Mastercard.

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Optima bank Debit Mastercard
Optima bank Credit Mastercard


Housing loan for all your housing needs.

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Optima Housing Loan

Private banking

Your targets, our priority!

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Our philosophy
The optima way
Power to creation
Power to creation

We are here for all of you who never rest. Who look for the optimum. Who always seek new ideas and experiences in everything you do.

The new era of banking experience

Focusing on tomorrow's challenges, we build relations of trust.

Save time

With flexible, lean procedures

Experience simplicity

With simple and user-friendly products

Experience modern banking

With offers and solutions for all your needs

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