As simple as it seems!

Our history began in July 2019. Optima bank was born with the transfer of shares of Investment Bank of Greece to Ireon Investments, that belongs to Motor Oil Group (Hellas).

With Motor Oil's status and credibility, the powerful Group that has a leading position in the Greek economy and plays a leading role in Southeastern Europe, Optima bank marks the beginning of a new era for the whole banking sector.


Since September 2019, we proceed to the transformation of Investment Bank of Greece to Optima bank, by carrying out a strategic plan for investments and by having a top team of executives with valuable experience. Optima bank is a simple, flexible and contemporary bank that responds immediately and efficiently to individuals’ and enterprises’ needs of modern era.

Registered office: 32 Aigialeias & Paradissou Str, 15125 Maroussi
Register Number of G.E.M.H.:  3664201000
Tax Registration No.: 099369013, Athens Tax Office for Societes Anonymes
Supervising Authority: Bank of Greece  (License 52/2/17.12.99)

Tel: +30 210 8173000
Website: optimabank.gr
E-mail: hello@optimabank.gr