The Company

As simple as it seems!

Optima Bank was established in July 2019, following the acquisition of the Investment Bank of Greece by Ireon Investments, a subsidiary of Motor Oil Group (Hellas).

With the prestige and credibility of Motor Oil, the powerful Group that holds a leading position in the Greek economy and plays a key part in Southeastern Europe, Optima bank marks the beginning of a new era for the entire banking sector.


Since September 2019, we have consistently implemented a strategic investment plan together with a highly experienced, top executive team to transform the Investment Bank of Greece into Optima bank. A simple, flexible and contemporary bank that responds promptly and effectively to the needs of individuals and modern businesses.

Registered office: 32 Aigialeias & Paradissou Str, 15125 Maroussi
Register Number of G.E.M.H.:  3664201000
Tax Registration No.: 099369013, Athens Tax Office for Societes Anonymes
Supervising Authority: Bank of Greece  (License 52/2/17.12.99)

Tel: +30 210 8173000
Website: optimabank.gr
E-mail: hello@optimabank.gr