Human Resources

Our people is our power.

At Optima bank, our people is what differentiates us. We are a team. We feel like we are a family. We fight for our bank’s success, our common goals and our common progress.

We believe that timely and reliable information is power. We ensure information and knowledge transmission at all levels. We encourage participation in all major activities of our bank.


Ongoing development of our people's skills and capabilities, through constant training, is very important to us. We actively support the transfer of knowledge and experience from the more experienced to the new ones.

Furthermore, we offer to our people a fair, competitive and merit system of rewards and benefits. A system mainly orientated towards social benefits, such as additional health insurance for our employees and their family members, life and accident insurance, coverage of daycare and kindergarten expenses. Moreover, we implement a subsidized policy that enables our people to use our banking products under particularly favourable terms.

Career opportunities

We are seeking partners with values, ethos and ambition. Partners that have an appetite for learning, motive to be distinguished and will to contribute in achieving our goals. Partners that can respond to the demands of a constantly developing and challenging working environment, with commitment and reliability.

If you wish to join our Human Resources, you can send your CV at

**You can find our Policy on Personal Data Protection for People Seeking Jobs here.

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