Optima bank continues to innovate in collaboration with Accenture and Microsoft

Press Release

  • Optima bank is the first bank in Greece to introduce a cloud-based enterprise data warehouse
  • Solutions meet the needs of today, while providing an even more personalized banking experience

Athens, 19.7.2022

Remaining steadfast in its commitment to provide the best banking experience, Optima bank worked with Accenture to develop a cloud-based enterprise data warehouse. The platform allows the bank to analyze data across business units and provide personalized banking services and an optimum banking experience.

Based on the cloud environment of Microsoft Azure, Optima bank's new data warehouse is a significant investment in modern data utilization tools, helping the bank better understand customer needs and place them at the center of the banking experience. Innovative data security and utilization technologies enable Optima bank to drive a new era for banking services in Greece, while laying the foundation for the use of advanced artificial intelligence tools.

Alexandros Vlagkoulis, Head of Products & Marketing at Optima bank said:

Optima bank's cooperation with Accenture creates real, added value to the banking experience for our customers. The state-of-the-art data warehouse will allow us to better understand the needs of our customers and provide the personalized products and services they desire. From our first day as a bank, we have been committed to delivering the optimum customer-centric banking experience, and we intend to keep that commitment.

Alexandros Lirigos, Principal Director for Financial Services at Accenture in Greece, said:

Moving its data to the cloud offers Optima bank access to a richer set of AI and machine learning capabilities that can enable it to innovate faster and deliver more value to its customers. Through our cloud and industry expertise, we are pleased to help Optima bank take a cloud-first approach, which will allow it to harness its data at scale and contribute significantly to its growth plan.

Nadine Karali, Commercial Director, Corporate and SMB, Greece, Cyprus and Malta at Microsoft, added:

We are thrilled to see Microsoft cloud technologies helping Optima bank to transition to a new digital era that is fueled by data and analytics. Together with Accenture, we aim to create optimized and customized solutions, which will transform the bank’s operations and services all the way to down to private clients. At the same time, we work to ensure that all the above are designed with the highest level of data protection and security which is integral to all Microsoft-based cloud environments.