Optima time deposit

Ensure competitive returns placing your business funds securely for a term that best suits you.

Take advantage of competitive returns

Select security for your funds

Place your funds with maximum flexibility


Optima time deposit allows you to manage your company's liquidity with flexibility and efficiency, whether in euro or foreign currency, without having to commit your funds for a long period. You have a competitive return on your money, by selecting:

  • minimum amount of €5,000 or the equivalent in foreign currency
  • duration from 1 to 15 months
  • fixed interest rate
  • interest payment upon maturity of the deposit. 

How do I open a time deposit?

Fast and simply. With lean procedures that respect your valuable time. With a single visit to one of our branches. We are always happy to provide you with information and assistance to open your Optima Time Deposit.

What supporting documents will I need

Υou do not have an account? You can open one easily and quickly.
See the identity verification documents required according to the applicable regulatory framework for opening an account.

What is the pricing

To learn about our deposit products interest rates, read the applicable Interest rate tables and in the Precontractual information on deposit products.

Some additional information

Find out about our participation in the Hellenic Deposit & Investment Guarantee Fund (www.teke.gr) for the deposit cover scheme, here.