International trade

At Optima bank we support the activity of your business so that it obtains the international perspective it deserves. We deliver reliable, agile and secure execution of your international trade transactions thanks to the know-how of our Trade Finance expert team.

Letters of guarantee

Upon request, our bank issues letters of guarantee of all types to cover financial or contractual obligations to third parties. Letters of guarantee enhance the creditworthiness of your business, in order to undertake projects in Greece and abroad and ensure that your contractual financial or other obligations are met.

Shutterstock 736350391(2)
Shutterstock 736350391(2)

Bills of lading – Management

We respond to your need for timely and responsible execution of your international trade transactions, whether you are in the exports or imports business. Therefore, we provide you with reliable and efficient management of documentary collections, to ensure their immediate payment or settlement.

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Shutterstock 1534522751 EDITED B

ECIO – “Extroversion” Program

In partnership with the Export Credit Insurance Organization, we stand on the side of export businesses, enhancing their liquidity by means of a contemporary financing tool.

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Shutterstock 81564904 EDITED B


At Optima bank our main concern is that you upgrade your international business activity.

Immediate management of letters of credit and  import/export trade operations           

Competitive and customised pricing

Reliability and speed in your commercial transactions

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