OOnline Banking for businesses

Optima e-banking for businesses

Take advantage of the possibilities offered by Optima e-banking and enjoy the optimum banking experience for your business.

Obtain control over your business finances 24/7

Create your corporate profile and organize effortlessly your daily transactions

Track the progress of your requests online

Optima bank Ilektroniki Trapeziki

Optima e-banking for businesses is addressed to all business customers of Optima bank, both sole business and companies (regardless of form and legal status).

Optima e-banking service offers you possibilities such as:

Comprehensive management of your business products.

Money transfers within Optima bank and other banks in Greece and abroad, in several currencies, even in 10''.

Setting of recurring orders that are automatically executed.

Bill payments to hundreds of public & private organizations.

Support of complex access rights of your company users, ensuring the security of your business transactions.

Free email alerts for approvals and online transactions.
Useful online tools: 

  • exchange rate calculation
  • loan calculation
  • information and status of checks drawn on your accounts.

Creation of favourite transactions for easier and immediate execution.

Detailed view of all your online banking transaction history.

Online application for bank products.

How to register

A business can be registered to Optima e-banking by its legal representative in any of our branches that suits you.


If you perform your transactions via Optima e-banking, you take advantage of the pricing we offer. Learn about the Electronic transactions price list.