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IRIS payments for professionals

Your customers can make their payments to your business easily and quickly, through the Optima mobile app.

Obtain a unique QR code for your business

Accept payments using only the mobile number, or Tax Identification Number, or by scanning the QR code

Available 24/7, with immediate credit

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An additional tool for your business!

The IRIS payments function allows you to receive payments from your customers without them knowing the IBAN.

By activating the function, a unique QR code is automatically generated for your business. Your customers can simply scan it, to make their payments. Alternatively, they can use your mobile number or your business’ Tax Identification Number.

Both you and your customers need to have activated IRIS payments in your mobile banking. The credited amount is processed within seconds, and you receive immediate notification of the transaction completion.

You can find more useful information about the IRIS payments function here.

IRIS payments activation

Complete the activation of IRIS payments in seconds through the Optima mobile app: Profile > Transactions > Transfers > IRIS payments.

To use IRIS payments, your customers also need to have activated the feature through their mobile banking.

If you don’t have the Optima mobile app or do not have the latest version on your mobile, you will need to download or update it first.

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Next, for your login, enter your Optima e-banking user ID and password. Enter a 4-digit PIN for easier access. Enter the OTP code you received on your mobile and e-mail. You may also activate biometric access, for quicker login (if supported by your device).
That’s it! Through the app, choose to activate IRIS payments: Profile > Transactions > Transfers > IRIS payments.