Terms and conditions of use

By visiting this website at www.optimabank.gr, Internet users can be informed on Optima bank and on its products and services, navigate through the Bank’s web pages and use the services offered. The purpose of this document is to set out the terms and conditions governing the use of this website. Please read the following terms and conditions of use carefully.

The use of the  Optima bank website constitutes proof that the user has fully reviewed, understood and accepted the following terms and acknowledges that they are bound by these terms every time they visit this website. In case of any objection to the terms and conditions of use, the user must leave this website and cease using it.

A. Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

All contents of this website (including, without being limited to, brand names, trademarks, distinctive titles, texts, photographs, images, graphics, drawings, videos, sounds, etc.) are the intellectual property of Optima bank or its third party providers and is protected by the applicable national, EU and international law.

Therefore, any modification, publishing, transmission, transfer, reproduction, distribution, presentation or any other use of the website content in any manner or by any means for commercial or other purposes is prohibited without the prior written consent of Optima bank. By way of exception, individual copying, printing or storage of the above information is permitted for personal use of the user, provided it is accompanied by a clear and distinct reference to the relevant source and not used for commercial or any other purposes.

B. User Conduct

Users of this website must comply with the rules and provisions of the Greek, European and International Laws as well as the relevant legislation governing telecommunications. Users must refrain from any unlawful and abusive behaviour during and in connection with the use of this website, as well as from adopting unfair competition and other unlawful practices. Users of this website shall be liable for any damage to this website arising from any malicious or improper use of the Optima bank website and the services offered through it.

In the event that Optima bank becomes involved in any litigation or is called upon to pay any damages due to the breach of the user's obligations as specified under these terms, the user shall have to compensate Optima bank for this reason.

In case the use of a security code (PIN) provided by Optima bank is required for access to specific information, each user shall be solely responsible for ensuring the privacy of their codes and shall solely bear the risk of their own or Optima bank's loss in case any third party acquires access to their security codes in any manner.

C. Modification of Terms and Conditions of Use and/or of the Website Content

Optima bank has the right to modify these terms at any time and without notice by announcing the relevant modifications on its website. Following the announcement of each modification, the use of this website shall be deemed to constitute acceptance of such modifications.

Optima bank also reserves the right to modify or delete material on its website at any time at its sole discretion.

D. Links to Third-Party Websites

This website may allow users to be redirected through special links (hyperlinks, banners) to third party websites, the content of which is structured under the sole responsibility of such third parties. Links to other websites are provided solely for the convenience of users and transfer to such other websites is the responsibility of users themselves. Optima bank does not guarantee the availability of such websites, and neither approves nor is responsible for the content, correctness, legality, completeness, timeliness or accuracy of information or for the quality and attributes of the products or services made available by such third parties through such websites. In addition, Optima bank is not responsible for any errors or malfunctioning of third-party websites, or for any damage caused to users as a result of accessing and using the information, services and products provided through such websites.

E. Limitation of Liability

While not offering any warranty and, therefore, without being liable in any manner, Optima bank uses its best endeavours in order to ensure that the information on its website is complete, accurate, timely and clear. However, under no circumstances, including negligence, shall Optima bank be liable for any error or omission or inaccuracy in the information or for any interference, delays or interruptions or failure to transmit information or for any false impersonation, code violation, incorrect publishing or transmission of a message or operation failure of the system which is the result of force majeure, or for any damage caused to the user as a result of using such information.

The content of this website and the provision of information through this website may not, under any circumstances, be considered as constituting financial, legal or other advice or recommendation, nor as incitement or instigation to proceed to any investment or other action, nor as a proposal or acceptance of a proposal for entering into any contract or transaction with Optima bank or third parties. Optima bank is not liable for any damages caused by the use of its website in any manner.

F. Website Operation and Security

Visitors of this website are exclusively responsible for having the necessary hardware (e.g. computer), software, telecommunications equipment and such other services as necessary to access this website. Even though Optima bank uses antivirus software, it does not guarantee that the functions of this website shall be uninterrupted or free from bugs and viruses of any type and it shall not be responsible for any data loss or other damage that users or any other third parties may incur (including, without being limited to, their equipment, software, files, etc.) as a result of either the use/copy/download or alteration of or contamination with viruses or any other unauthorized third-party interference in files and information made available through this website.

G. Availability

This website is not intended to be made available or used by any person or entity in a jurisdiction or country where such availability would be against local laws.

Η. Applicable Law - Other Τerms

These Terms and Conditions as well as the use of this website are governed by the laws of the Hellenic Republic. The Courts of Athens shall be exclusively competent for the interpretation of these terms as well as for the resolution of any dispute related to our website.

Should any term herein be found to contradict the law and is, therefore, invalid or voidable, such term shall cease to apply without affecting the validity of the remaining terms in any manner.