Optima Housing Loan

A loan to meet all your needs.

Make your wish to buy a home or land come true

Finance the construction of your home

Repair or refurbish your home

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With Optima bank Housing Loan, you can make your dream come true acquiring your own home, and we offer you:

Interest-rate choices:
Fixed rate from 2,9%, allowing you to pay an equal, fixed monthly amount to the end.
Variable rate from 3%, linked to 3-month Euribor plus a fixed margin throughout the loan term.

Loan term up to 30 years (maximum age of the borrower 75 years).

Financing up to 75% of the property commercial value, based on the valuation conducted by an engineer collaborating with our bank.

How to apply for a loan

Simply visit an Optima bank branch. We are always happy to provide you with information and assistance.

Required documents

  • Identification card or passport
  • Property Tax Clearance (ENFIA)
  • Income tax assessment notes of the past two years
  • Payslip (for salaried) or Pension statement (for pensioners)
  • Natural Persons’ Income tax returns (E3) of the last 3 years (for self-employed)


Find out more about the current Basic Price List and the Lending products interest rates table.