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Personal details update through eGov KYC

Forget about supporting documents! Update your personal data online, through Optima e-banking and Optima mobile app.

Update personal data online

No visit to the bank required

No document submission required

Landingpage English

Fast and easy, without visiting a branch and submitting documents!

The procedure is simple:

Step 1: Connect to Optima e-banking or Optima mobile app

Step 2: Go to “Profile” and select “Personal Data”

Step 3: Select “Details update” 

Step 4: Enter your TAXISnet user name and password

Step 5: Give your consent to the eGov KYC Service to update your data

Step 6: Confirm your data and complete their update.

In case the data update procedure is not completed successfully, confirm that all your data on the National Communication Register (ΕΜΕP) are updated.

Which data can I update through eGov KYC

Through the eGov KYC service, it is possible to update the following data:

  • identification data: full name, identity card number
  • contract data: residence address, mobile phone number, landline number, e-mail
  • professional activity data: work address
  • income data: income.

Which clients can update their data online

Clients who can update their data online fulfill the following requirements:

  • they are individuals
  • they have a username and password for the Optima e-banking service
  • they have a username and password for TAXISnet, so as to carry out the identification procedure and connect to the eGov KYC Service
  • they have a valid identity card.