Optima trader app

The optimum experience for your online trading, in an app!

Place buy and sell orders quickly and easily

Monitor your portfolio from your mobile

Make the most of a modern and handy organizational environment


Optima bank trader is also available as an app. You can easily buy and sell stocks while managing your portfolio in real-time through your mobile, wherever you are, using the user-friendly Optima trader app!

Enjoy the optimum trading experience. Download the Optima trader app.

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If you are already an Optima bank trader user, you can download the app and log in with your existing credentials.

Alternatively, contact your Relationship Manager today to obtain credentials for the Optima trader app.

How to acquire passwords for the Optima trader app

If you are not a customer of our bank, initially you can proceed with digital onboarding in just 10 minutes through the Optima mobile app! Alternatively, you can visit one of our branches.

You can easily and quickly open an investment account as soon as you open a bank account. The only thing you will need to do is:

  • send us your request by filling in the application form on our site or
  • contact us by phone at 2108173000
  • visit one of our branches.

You will automatically receive login credentials for the web version of Optima bank trader. Then, you can use your credentials to log in to the Optima trader app for iOS and Android, and, if you wish, activate your biometric data for even easier and more secure access to the application.

If you are already a customer of our bank, you can open an investment account easily in one of the ways presented above and obtain credentials for Optima bank trader (web & app).

If you already have an investment account and wish to acquire credentials for the Optima bank trader (web & app), you can find more information here