Terms and Conditions of Use

Optima bank, via the website www.optimabank.gr, offers to Internet visitors/users the opportunity to access information about Optima bank and the products and services it provides, and use the pages and the services offered. The aim of the present document is to determine the terms and conditions that govern Optima's  bank website. Please read carefully the Terms and Conditions below.

Use of the Optima bank website constitutes evidence that you have read, understood and fully accepted the terms below, and recognize that such terms are binding upon every visit to the website. In the event of disagreement with the Terms and Conditions of Use, the visitor/user must leave the website and refrain from any further use thereof.

A. Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

All of the content of the Optima bank website, such as, indicatively, appellations, trademarks, abbreviated titles, text, photographs, images, graphics, drawings, video, sounds, etc., constitutes the intellectual property of Optima bank and/or its third-party providers, and is protected by national, community and international law as applying each time.

Therefore, any modification, publicizing, transmission, reproduction, distribution, presentation or use in any other manner of the content of the website for commercial or other purposes without the prior written consent of Optima bank, is prohibited. Exceptionally, it is allowed to copy, print or store the above data on unique occasions for the personal use of the user/visitor, subject to the condition that such copying, printing or storing is accompanied by a conspicuous, special reference to the source and will not be used for a commercial or other purpose.

B. User Conduct

Visitors/users to the website must comply with the rules and provisions of Greek, European and international law and legislation governing telecommunications, and refrain from any illegal or improper conduct upon using the website or in relation thereto, and from practices of unfair competition or other illegal practices. The user of the website is responsible for any damage caused to the Optima bank website due to malicious or unfair use of the website and the services it offers.

If Optima bank becomes involved in any court action or is called upon to pay any type of compensation due to violation of the user's obligations as provided herein, the user will be under the obligation to recompense Optima bank for this reason.

If access to certain information requires use of a security code (PIN) provided by Optima bank, each user is exclusively liable for ensuring the secrecy of his code numbers and is exclusively liable for the risk of damages to himself or to Optima bank caused by a third party obtaining access to his code numbers in any manner.

C. Modification of terms and conditions of use and/or of the content of the website

Optima bank is entitled to modify the present terms at any time and without prior notice, announcing the modifications each time via its website. After the announcement of each modification, use of the website is considered as acceptance of such modification.

Optima bank also reserves the right to modify or delete content at the website at any time and at its exclusive discretion.

D. Connection to third-party websites

The website may provide to users the capability to follow special links, hyperlinks or banners and access third-party websites; such third parties are exclusively responsible for the content of their websites. Links to other websites are given only to facilitate users/visitors, who are responsible for any connection thereto. Optima bank does not guarantee their availability, nor does it approve or bear any responsibility for the content, correctness, legality, comprehensiveness, timeliness and accuracy of the information or for the quality and properties of the products or services made available to such users by the above websites. Optima bank is also not responsible for errors or malfunctions at third-party websites or for any damages incurred by users through accessing and using the information, services and products offered at such websites.

E. Limitation of liability

Optima bank, while not guaranteeing and so not being liable therefor, makes every effort to ensure that the information available at its website is comprehensive, timely and unambiguous. However, under no circumstances, including negligence, is Optima bank liable for any error or omission or inaccuracy in the information, any interference, delay or suspension or inability to transmit information, any impersonation, security code breach, erroneous message transcription or transmission, or any system function failure due to force majeure, or for any damages incurred by a user/visitor by reason of using such information.

The content of the website and the provision of information through the website, cannot, under any circumstances, be considered as constituting financial, legal or other advice or recommendation, nor incitement or instigation to effect any investment or other action, nor a proposal or acceptance of a proposal for entering into any contract or transaction with Optima bank or third parties. Optima bank is not liable for any damages caused by use of its website in any manner.

F. Operation and Security of the website

Visitors/users are exclusively responsible for having obtained the devices (e.g. personal computer), software, telecommunications equipment and any service needed for accessing the website. Optima bank uses anti-virus software, but it does not guarantee that the functions of the website shall be uninterrupted or free of errors and viruses of any type, and is not responsible for any loss of data or other damages incurred by the user or a third party (indicatively, to their equipment, software, files, etc.) and caused by using/copying/downloading the files and information made available via the website, or by any falsification or infection by viruses or other disallowed third-party interventions as to such files and information.

G. Availability

This website is not intended to be made available to, or used by, any person or entity in jurisdictions or countries where such service would be in conflict with local legislation.

H. Cookies use

Optima bank may collect visitor/user identification information on its website using technologies such as cookies and/or Internet Protocol (IP) address monitoring. Cookies are small files that are sent and stored on your computer or on any other device you use to access the Internet each time you visit a website, without having access to any document or file from the particular device of yours.  

This website uses cookies for: 

  • unobstructed, easy and secure access of the visitor/user to the services offered and 
  • reasons of statistical analysis (e.g. website visits, recording of visitors' interest in Optima bank products and services).

In addition, within the framework of advertisement post on the website, any third-party advertisers or advertising servers, including Google, may post or recognize unique cookies in the browser used by the visitor. 

 The table below describes in detail the cookies on the website. The link to the privacy policy of the party that manufactures and manages these cookies is displayed along with each “third-party’s cookie”:



Session cookies and permanent cookies

Cookies that are necessary for browsing the site for internal security and management purposes, as well as for memorizing the language chosen by the user

See also Information of the Customers of  Optima bank of Greece SA on the Processing of Personal Data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)



Third Party Cookies -Permanent cookies

Cookies for Google Analytics*


* You can prevent Google from collecting data through cookies and the subsequent processing of data, by uploading and installing the plugin for the browser from the following address: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=en

The visitor/user of this site may give his/her consent to each of the categories of cookies used during his/her browsing. 

Especially in the case of third-party cookies (which are created and controlled by parties other than the site's operator) users provide or refuse to give their consent directly to the holder of that cookie, to which Optima bank simply refers.

The visitor/user has the ability, through his/her browser, to refuse the use or delete the cookies. However, it is noted that cookies are necessary for the proper and complete operation of the website and the available functions and services.

Here are instructions to the visitor for how cookies operate in the different browsers: 


  1. Click on the menu at the top right corner of the browser toolbar
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click the link Show advanced settings
  4. In the unit Privacy click Content settings
  5. In the unit Cookie change the following settings based on the action required to manage cookies:
    - Allow websites to store and read cookies data
    - Save local data only until you close your browser
  6. Prevent websites from defining data
  7. Exclude third-party cookies and website data
  8. Manage exceptions for certain Internet websites

For more information visit the relevant Google page 

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Click the menu at the top right corner of the browser toolbar
  2. Click Options
  3. Click the section Privacy 
  4. In the unit Tracking, select the appropriate button if you want to contact sites that you do not want to monitor you 
  5. In the unit History, select from the drop-down menu Use Custom Settings to change the following settings, depending on the action you want to run on cookies:
    Accept cookies from websites (click the appropriate button).
  6. Accept third-party cookies (choose from the drop-down menu one of the following options: always, from the most visited or never visited sites).
  7. Save them for a specified time period (choose from the drop-down menu one of the following options: until they expire, when Firefox is closed or each time).
  8. Again, in the unit History, click Show cookies if you want to remove the cookies from your computer.

For more information, visit the Mozilla related page 

Internet Explorer

  1. Click the button Tools
  2. Click Internet Options 
  3. Click Privacy
  4. In the scroll menu, choose one of the following options. (Change the following settings depending on what you want to do to manage cookies):
    - Block all cookies
    - High
    - Medium to High
    - Medium
    - Low
    - Accept all cookies
  5. Choose specific sites from which you accept cookies: click «Sites» and in the «Address of Website», type a site address and then click «Block» or «Allow»

  For more information, visit the relevant Microsoft page 


  1. Open Safari
  2. Click on Safari
  3. Click Preferences and then click Privacy
  4. In the unit «Block Cookies» choose how Safari will manage cookies.
  5. Click Details to see which sites have saved their cookies

  For more information, the visitor can visit the related Apple page 


  1. Open Opera
  2.  Click «Settings» in the main menu at the top left corner of the screen
  3.  Click «Security & Privacy»
  4.  In the unit «Cookies», choose one of the following options:
    -Allow local storage
    -Store local data only until I close my browser
    -Do not allow third party sites to store data
    -Exclude third-party cookies and site data
  5.  By clicking the button «All cookies and site data» you can remove the cookies from your computer.

For more information, visit Opera's related page

I. Applicable law - Other terms

The present Terms and Conditions of Use and the use of the Optima bank website are governed by the law of the Hellenic Republic. The courts of Athens are exclusively responsible for the interpretation of the present terms and for the resolution of any dispute related to the present website.

If any term hereof is found to be in conflict with the law, and therefore invalid or liable to be invalidated, then such term ceases applying, without, in every case, this affecting the validity of the other terms.