Code of Conduct under Law 4224/2013

Optima bank operates in line with the provisions of the Code of Conduct under Law 4224/2013 as revised in May 2021(Decision 392/31.05.2021 of the Bank of Greece & Government Gazette 2411/07.06.2021).     

The Code of Conduct is intended to enhance trust, mutual commitment and exchange of the required information between the bank and the borrower, in order for each party to be able to weigh the benefits and/or consequences of alternative forbearance (workout) and/or resolution (final settlement) solutions for loans in arrears with a view to selecting the most appropriate solution, as appropriate.

The Code of Conduct covers any debts in arrears of individuals, professionals and small/medium business enterprises (average annual turnover over the last three years up to EUR1,000,000).

According to the Code, the following steps should be followed when handling loans that are past due, as well as in cases where there are signs of potential delay:

  • Step 1. Communication with the Borrower
  • Step 2. Collection of financial and other information from the Borrower
  • Step 3. Assessment of financial data
  • Step 4. Suggestion of an appropriate solution
  • Step 5. Objections Review Process

For the implementation of the Code, the bank has established an Arrears Resolution Procedure (ARP).

Below you may find the standard forms, available in greek:

  1. Information brochure
  2. Standardised Financial Info Statement (Individuals & Professionals)
  3. Minimum mandatory supporting documents for Legal Entities
  4. Minimum mandatory supporting documents for individuals & professionals
  5. Standardised objection Form

Regarding to implementation of the Code of Conduct, you can contact any branch of the Optima bank network throughout Greece (“Special Contact Points”).

Alternatively, you can contact the information direct line at 210-8173000 for further support, clarifications and/or relevant printed material.