Optima Account for Individuals

The definition of simplicity. One and only account, appropriate for all your transactions.

Execute a number of transactions

Issue a cheque book

Gain free electronic information

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With Optima Account for Individuals, we offer you:

Ability to execute a number of transactions that serve your everyday life, such as transfer of funds, payments, cheque deposit, investment products, settlement of credit card etc.

Free issue of Optima bank Debit Mastercard, in order to have easy and immediate access to your money at any given time.

The ability to link your bank account to your stock exchange code with a standing order, for your investment transactions.

Ability to issue a cheque book.

Free quarterly account statement sent to you via e-mail or post at your postal address.

How do I open an account?

Easily and quickly. With simple procedures that respect your valuable time. One visit to one of our branches is enough. Along with your new Optima Account for Individuals you will also acquire the Optima bank Debit Mastercard to have instant access to your funds as well as Optima e-banking credentials, to have an overview of your banking products and to make your transactions. All these in minimum time and with a single signature.

What supporting documents will I need?

Υou do not have an account? You can open one easily and quickly.
See the identity verification documents required according to the applicable regulatory framework for opening an account.

What is the pricing?

To learn about our deposit products interest rates, read the applicable Interest rate tables and in the Precontractual information on deposit products.

Some additional information

Find out about our participation in the Hellenic Deposit & Investment Guarantee Fund (www.teke.gr) for the deposit cover scheme, here.