Optima bank Debit Mastercard

With Optima bank Debit Mastercard, you can withdraw cash, make payments and build your tax deduction.

Make purchases debiting directly your bank account

Move quickly and securely using contactless payment technology

Keep your finances under control


With Optima bank Debit Mastercard, we offer you:

Convenience, security and speed through contactless payment technology.

Purchases in Greece, abroad and on the internet.

Use of your card free of fees and interest.

Cash withdrawal from all ATMs of DIAS interbanking network in Greece.

Online shopping, easily and safely through the 3D Secure service! Simply enter the Password you use for online transactions with your card and the One Time Password (OTP) sent to your mobile and check out securely.

As of 1.7.2021 the contactless transaction limit, for which no PIN is required, is set permanently at €50. This decision has been unanimously taken by the members of the HBA (Hellenic Bank Association), in line with its ongoing commitment to assist in the containment of the Covid-19 impact on public health and everyday transactions.

How to get Optima bank Debit Mastercard

Simply visit an Optima bank branch and fill in your application. The only condition is to have an account with our bank. We are always happy to provide you with information and assistance.

Required documents

If you already have an account with our bank, no additional documents are required.


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