Optima bank debit Mastercard

With Optima bank debit Mastercard, you can withdraw cash, make payments and build your tax deduction.

Make your purchases contactless, quickly and securely

Add your cards to the Google and Apple Pay digital wallets

Contribute to the green transition with our new biodegradable cards


With Optima bank Debit Mastercard, we offer you:

Convenience, security and speed through contactless payment technology.
Purchases in Greece, abroad and on the internet.
Use of your card free of fees and interest.
Cash withdrawal from Optima bank's ATMs, DIAS interbanking network in Greece and worldwide in every ATM with Mastercard's logo.
Immediate email alerts when a purchase or cash withdrawal is made with your card for additional security.

Online shopping, easily and safely through the 3D secure service!
Activate push notifications and approve your transactions even faster, with a single tap!

All the subscriptions paid through your Optima bank card are grouped together in one place.

Get to know the offers and experiences that you can enjoy with our cards, through the Priceless program of Mastercard

Our cards acquire a “green” footprint!  In collaboration with Mastercard, we are gradually replacing our plastic debit cards with biodegradable ones!

What does this actually mean?

  • reducing PVC in our debit cards by more than 80%
  • contributing to the reduction of our carbon footprint on the environment

Sustainable development becomes achievable by taking small steps that have a great impact.


How to get Optima bank debit Mastercard

By opening a deposit account, you instantly acquire your debit card. 

If you complete your registration: 

  • at one of our branches, you receive your card on the spot.
  • through digital onboarding you will receive your card by mail at the address you choose during the registration process. 

Required documents

If you already have an account with our bank, no additional documents are required.


Find out more about the current Basic Price List.

Manage your card easily and quickly

Temporary block: You can temporarily block and similarly unblock your card easily through Optima e-banking and Optima mobile app!


Step 1: From the menu select “Products” -> “Product overview” or “Product information”
Step 2: From your card’s “Options’’ -> “Temporary block / Unblock”.

For as long as your card remains temporarily blocked it cannot be used, except for standing orders.

Loss and reissuance of a card:  If your card is damaged, stolen or lost, you can immediately cancel it and have it reissued through Optima e-banking and Optima mobile app.


Step 1: From the menu select “Products” -> “Product overview” or “Product information”
Step 2: From your card’s “Options” -> “Cancel / Reissue card”.

Alternatively, you can call 210-8173000 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Receive your PIN instantly: Through Optima e-banking and Optima mobile app you can choose “Send PIN”  and you will get it instantly via SMS on your mobile phone.


Step 1: From the menu select “Products” -> “Product overview”
Step 2: From the “Options” of the card -> “Send PIN”.

Card activation: You can instantly activate your cards through Optima e-banking and Optima mobile app.


On the e-banking homepage or after logging into Optima mobile app the “Activation” option appears next to the card to be activated.

Alternatively, you can call 210-8173000 daily between 08:00 and 22:00.