Foreign exchange transactions with cards

When using your Optima bank debit or credit card within the EEA, for transactions in currencies other than euro, you can choose how the currency will be converted for your transaction:

  1. at the ATM or at the point of sale (POS) and, therefore, pay directly in euros.

In this case, you will be charged the currency conversion fees, which are communicated to you on the spot by the counterparty providing the currency conversion service at the ATM or point of sale (POS).

  1. by Optima bank and, therefore, make the initial payment in the local currency, which will then be converted into euro.

In this case, please remember that, on your Optima bank cards, foreign currencies are converted into euro at the exchange rate set by the International Card Organisation, whose trademark is displayed on the card (Mastercard), on the day and at the time of the transaction settlement. Exchange rates are constantly fluctuating, therefore the rate applied when your transaction is cleared may be different from the applicable rate on the day and at the time of the transaction.

At Optima we currently do not apply any additional fees other than those imposed by the International Organization. You can find information about the Bank's current charges here.

You can find details about the conversion rates applied to foreign exchange transactions by MasterCard here.

Moreover, you may find the European Central Bank foreign exchange rates and check their variations here.