OOnline Banking for businesses

Optima mobile app for businesses

The management of your business finances is now in your hands, through the mobile banking app of Optima bank.

Carry out your transactions easily and quickly

Approve or decline transactions and requests instantly

Manage your account with different users and approval levels

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With Optima mobile app, you can quickly and flexibly track and manage your business finances and banking transactions.

Download Optima mobile app and experience the optimum banking on your mobile!

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Obtain instant access to a number of transactions:

Connect your business users to the app safely and quickly using biometric identification.

and easily track your account transactions (history and details).

all your business expenses by category.

the monthly and annual budgets of your business.

Set limits
per expense category.

Make direct fund transfers
and payment orders to your suppliers and foreign firms.

View the history of all online transactions
and their status.

Display payments, direct debits and recurring transactions
set by the company's users.

Apply online for banking products to better manage your time.

Receive e-mail notifications
for immediate approval or decline of transactions.

Multiple profile
creation and different corporate user login feature using the same device.

Activate push notifications and approve your business transactions even faster, with a single tap!

Discover the optimum banking experience through the security of Optima mobile app.

How to register

If you are a legal representative or authorized user of the Optima e-banking service, you can easily install the Optima mobile app, available for mobile devices with iOS or Android.

If you are not our customer, then you are required to register your business in Optima e-banking by the legal representative in any of our branches that serves you. 


If you perform your transactions via Optima mobile app, you take advantage the pricing we offer. Learn about the Electronic transactions price list.