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Push notifications

Approve your e-banking transactions and online purchases with a single tap! Activate push notifications on the Optima mobile app and perform your business transactions easier, faster and securely!

Receive notifications directly on your mobile or tablet via the Optima mobile app

Safely approve and instantly confirm your transactions with a tap!

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How can I enable push notifications?

With a few clicks, you can enable the capability to confirm your business transactions via push notifications!

The procedure is simple:

 Step 1: Download the Optima mobile app, if you don't already have it, or upgrade to the latest version on your mobile or tablet.

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If you don't already have the Optima mobile app for your business, once you install it:

  • Log in with your Optima e-banking user ID and password
  • Enter and confirm a 4-digit PIN for easier access
  • Enter the code sent to your mobile and e-mail
  • Activate the biometrics, if supported by your device.

Step 2: Enable push notifications directly from the app tapping on the on-screen prompt that will be displayed.

That's it! Push notifications have been enabled for your business and you can confirm your e-banking transactions and online purchases instantly, quickly and securely!

Otherwise, you will continue to receive notifications to confirm your e-banking transactions via a confirmation code sent to your mobile. OTP confirmation code will be sent to you preferably via Viber, provided you have an account or via SMS.

How to manage push notifications

You can manage push notifications via the Optima mobile app by selecting Profile> Settings> Push Notifications.

What to do if you do not receive notifications on your mobile

First, you need to make sure that you have downloaded the latest version of the Optima mobile app and that you have enabled push notifications.

If you still do not receive push notifications, check that you have enabled push notifications from your device settings, and that the mobile data on your device is on, or that you are connected to a wifi network.