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Google Pay

As of today, you can do your shopping easily and securely with… your mobile or smartwatch!

Contactless payments with your mobile or smartwatch

Easily without using your physical card

Reliably with the credibility of Google and Optima bank

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Transactions are getting smarter with Google Pay™! Add your Optima bank card quickly and easily to Google Pay™ and shop with your android device or your smartwatch (available for Wear OS 2 and NFC chip). The procedure is simple:

  • Add your card to Google Pay™ via your Optima mobile app or the Google Pay™ app, which you'll need to download to your mobile:

google play            

  • You perform contactless payments in physical stores by approaching your mobile to the POS terminal with complete security.

  • Make your shopping online conveniently, simply by linking the Gmail account you used to sign up for Google Pay™ on Google Chrome.

Have you got questions? We have gathered here for you, the answers to the most frequent questions about Google Pay™!

How can I add my cards to Google Pay™

You can easily add your cards to Google Pay™ through the Optima mobile app

Step 1: Log in to your Optima mobile app and select the card you want to add to Google Pay™
Step 2: In the card options menu, select "Add to Google Pay"
Step 3: After reading the terms of use, select "Accept and continue"
Step 4: Enter the one-time password (OTP) you will receive on your mobile phone.

All set! Your card has been registered with Google Pay™, and your digital wallet is ready to use.

If you have not yet downloaded and experienced Optima mobile app, click here.

Alternatively, you can add your cards through the Google Pay™ app.

Step 1: Download the Google Pay™ app from the Play Store on your android device
Step 2: Select add (+) debit or credit card
Step 3: Enter your card information
Step 4: After reading the terms of use, select “Accept and continue’’
Step 5: Select a verification method (SMS) and enter the one-time password (OTP) you will receive.

All set! Your card has been added to Google Pay™ and is ready to use.

How do I make purchases with Google Pay™

With convenience and security! Your new digital wallet can be used to shop both online and in physical stores.

In physical stores:

  • Activate the NFC function on your device.
  • Every time you want to pay, you unlock your mobile phone and bring the device screen close to the POS terminal, where you see the following signs:
  • That's it! Upon checkout you'll receive a relevant visual indication and audio confirmation of your payment from Google Pay™.


All you need to do is sign in to Google Chrome with the same Gmail account you used when you signed up for Google Pay™. At the payment stage you just select Google Pay™ and you checkout!